Hello running buddies.  I wanted to point you to a great website for Paleo Info.  I'm sure you have heard of Robb Wolf, if not check out his site and listen to his podcasts.  They are fun informative and free.  http://robbwolf.com/category/podcasts/
Also have a look at http://www.archevore.com/ and google Paleo 2.0.  That is Kurt Harris' take and explanation of the Paleo diet. 

When I heard about eating paleo it jived with me right off the bat.  It was like when I read the "What is Fitness" article, it made sense.  I think I heard about it in the Crossfit Journal.  Eating minimally processed foods that we were evolved to eat just made sense. I was an easy sell.  Archevore gives the scientific details that prove it is a better way to eat and that should help most skeptics.  It's not about eating like a cave man, it's about eating a more well rounded nutritionally dense fashion.  Anyhow, I am no scientist so go to those sites if you want more details about the hows and whys.  This blog is about my experience.  I have decided to give the Paleo Plus Dairy thing a try and today is day 2.  I may eventually get off the dairy but the #1 thing to do to improve health and performance is to get rid of the gluten (bye bye bread).

Yesterday I had a headache for about 6 hours.  It could have been because I was overtired or because I had not eaten bread.  I lean towards the former as I have not been getting enough sleep the past few days (that will be fixed tonite).  For breakfast I had a shake that consisted of coconut milk, 2 raw eggs, cocoa and cinnamon.  It was pretty tasty and filling.  For lunch I am going to have deli meat and hummus and some olives and an apple and dinner will be a roast chicken and broccoli.  I must say I fell a bit sluggish and though I am not hungry, I have certainly been getting enough calories, I do feel like a pastry would really hit the spot :). I can't really explain it but I certainly miss the bread and notice a difference in eating more fat and less carbs.


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